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the line between imagination & reality ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ . 。
doe eyes
once upon a time..

*dbsk- fall 2006 when i got curious, amazed & fell in love.
*yunjae- first yaoi couple i've ever liked
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doe eyes
to be honest, after seeing their last concert as 5 at Tokyo Dome in 2009, never thought i'd see another concert in Japan.
fate has it, although i didn't come on purpose vacation date matched their concert date. so, like Junsu's Ballad Orchestra concert in December i made an effort to go.
it turns out, i'm still blown away by their stage choreography, Yunho's charisma and their vocals which has improved like crazy.
They both nailed each ballad despite the missing 3 members & managed to fill each other's gaps in every song performance.
The highlight was 'Wedding Dress' where a fountain appeared on extended stage out of nowhere; the visual was amazing!
seeing Something & Suri-Suri live was also extraordinary. even you can tell in each video is put with efforts to entertain the fans.

entering the venue

my seat was far but it allowed me to see the whole stage lol

ticket & receipt

saw their Glico ads on the next day at Shibuya intersection!

after 2.5 years i finally saw these duo again!
here are two fancams i have edited, feel free to spread with credit.

Changi airport- inside terminal

stalking after-party
doe eyes
It was a miracle.Collapse )

☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

drabble prompt: Jaejoong is attacked by a sasaeng fan and ends up in the hospital. Yunho visits him and they reminisce about when JJ visited him after his poisoning.Collapse )
doe eyes
gosh what can i say? i didn't even know whether i could make it to Jaejoong's fanmeet on Saturday due to clashed time with a cousin's wedding. so i was estatic when i got the green light an hour before the event started! whilst on the way friends were updating me about his condition and i felt a little upset. but knowing that he was gonna shake our hands & take group pics lifted mood up a little keke

the fanmeet started an hour late as expected from cjes, and gosh when JJ came to stage he looked much thinner than last time i saw him in Seoul this year. he really didn't speak a word, using ipad as a communicator tool the whole time during talk segment.it kinda broke my heart since his poker face was on during the whole time, he barely smiled & i'm guessing he's holding back the pain from his flu >___< during Living Like A Dream fans sang for him & MC said he was facing his back at us during the whole time cuz he didn't want us to see him in pain. the cameramen caught his expression for a while though and he looked terribly sad. gosh those beautiful eyes just speaks a thousand words.

Jaejoong's mood changed for the better when the hi-five segment started. i think interacting with his fans directly cheered him up since we were so enthusiastic especially since i'm guessing there's a lot of first timers to see him ^__^ truth be told i was worried about him the whole time, afraid he might faint or something cuz he went back & forth from the photo taking spot to hi-five spot AT LEAST 50 times. but he's a lot stronger than he looks, thus despite the light fever he's having he struggled on to fulfill his promise T_T MC & staff kept telling him over & over again to hi-five but it's Jaejoong himself who insisted on shaking hands gosh i love this guy sfm T_T

when it was my turn to shake his hands, he was smiling *_* his hands were so soft. despite this being my 7th time seeing him, my impression of him never changes. the living doll, so very fair & beautiful even in sickness he still shines. i was surprised media picked our group photos to be featured in various articles XDD i'm on his furthest left side the one in pink dress looking at him retardedly instead of the camera =__= but since it's my 2nd photoshoot with JJ i'm gonna live with it lol /gets bricked

our cute Kitty cards

thank you for your professionalism Jaejoong, for another memorable night & for being our inspirations! GET WELL SOON ♥
doe eyes
honestly my only intention of going to this concert was to see Homin again after 9 months ago. but seeing other artists is definitely a plus ^^ our seats were VIP & it was sorta in the middle, not too close yet not too far either. we were content with it esp since most artists came around our side using the mini-vehicles.

hhm what can i say? SUJU followed by SNSD had the most performances that at times i felt like i was in their concert. so i was waiting around for agessss till TVXQ came out. i was kinda worried throughout the whole show that Yunho might not perform cuz he was sick at the time, but boy did he BLOW MY MIND coming out all powerful, radiant and just so Yunho. Very charismatic on stage as usual. Changmin did most of the talking though, poor baby was all breathless. The few songs they did was the highlight of the concert, at least for me.

oh, Boa was very charismatic in her performances too. Her dance moves are ridiculously complicated yet she just moves so effortlessly. You can totally tell she & TVXQ are seniors cuz to me, they had the most quality performances. I'm not gonna diss other groups cuz they're more popular & had less quality performances, everyone is subject to their own tastes anyway.

to the picsCollapse )
18 Jun, 2012 - Junsu in Jakarta
doe eyes
sharing my fancams with u guys again ^^
Junsu is truly a multi-talented artist. 
lucky to see him perform twice this year!

the rest of fancams are up in my channel, feel free to browse around :)

doe eyes

i finally had the chance to go to Seoul after years of planning!
We were lucky enough to get last-min tickets to Junsu's musical & visit other fandom related places (Bum's Story, Crebeau).

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yunjae hey3x hug
dedicated to little_passions for being such a sweet girl ♥

It hadn’t been a coincidence. Now that they have the freedom to do the things they want, Jaejoong had purposely arranged his fanmeet schedule to be as close as possible to his beloved. He had specifically asked the staff to arrange the same local organizer, bodyguards, transport and hotels as close as possible without being too suspicious.

Yunho was aware of it all. Aware that he never had the key to his own liberty since the day he signed the lifetime contract, despite the leader title.  He had let his lover arrange everything, passing on details he obtained from the manager about their schedule. TVXQ's schedule has lived up to insanity, from Las Vegas to Shanghai, struggling Seoul & Tokyo in between till he couldn't keep up anymore.

On that fateful night in Shanghai, bright lights across the metropolitan city, they eventually met after being months apart.

'I Still Have A Long Way Until Adulthood'

“What’s this?”

“Just read it baby.  I finished it a while ago but never got the chance to give it to you.” He said with a soft smile. “It makes me think deeply about our relationship, our life.” I hope you'll understand.

“I promise to read it.” He sealed his words with a kiss. “Thank you for arranging everything, you’ve always had the potential to be a leader and look at where you are now.”

“It was triggered by our circumstances Yunho. I used to depend and lean on you all the time in the past. Now I try to do it all on my own, but I feel incomplete. I’ll always be incomplete until the day we can all be together again.”

“You’re not alone Jae. I don’t think I can ever get used being without your cooking, your motherly care, everything about you. I missed you till it suffocates me sometimes.” He pulled Jaejoong close and breathed onto his shoulder, kissing his soft skin in the process.

“Well you know what they say. Behind a great man is a greater man on his back.” Jaejoong said, trying to lift up the atmosphere. He had worked hard planning this night and wanted to make their meeting worth it.

“I believe the correct term is a greater woman.” Yunho chuckled tiredly. “I love you.”

The next morning, despite exhausted limbs telling him to rest, with dark sunglasses attached to his face and countless stalker vans following them, he took out the valuable gift Jaejoong wanted him to read and scanned the contents.

“Why did it have to like this?  As compared to obtaining love, the damage/hurt received are often more deeply rooted; as compared to things that we already have, things that are not obtainable are more precious, even stronger desires to possess it; we that blindly envy others. Really, why should it be like that?

Hope you can become happy. I want to say this to myself. Whether it was me who live today as the same as yesterday or me who live differently from yesterday, the me who feels satisfied, the me who found happiness within me, I want to be like this...”

He was halfway done reading as they landed back in Seoul. He was starting to understand the Jaejoong’s intended message to him and thought he should let the other know. He pulled out his phone and hoped he can type without interruptions.

“Jaejoong-ah, this battle we’re fighting through will end one day. Long distance relationship hasn’t been easy but we made it this far, didn’t we? What we have is far too special to give up just because we can’t be physically together like we used to. I’ll see you again in Seoul love, take care.”

when random inspiration strikes, this is the result :3 hoped you guys liked it & happy holidays everyone ♥♥♥
27 Oct, 2011 - [drabble] a world away
doe eyes
Once he spotted his lover’s back figure at the parking lot, he smiled gleefully.

They hadn’t seen each other for weeks when Yunho suddenly called him announcing he was waiting downstairs at the parking lot.

“Yunho!” he called out his lover’s name loudly, enough to draw the other’s attention.

The figure turned around, revealing haggard face and tired eyes.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you!”

“Jaejoong-ah, let’s end this.”

He wished his heart would stop beating.

4 am, Seoul

Sweats formed on his forehead, brows furrowed in distress.

His chest suffocates in pain. Suicidal thoughts plaguing his mind.

Life wasn’t worth living without his other half by his side.

‘Don’t give up yet’ his mind commanded. ‘Beg on your knees if you have to.’

He carefully reached out his phone from the bedside table.  Having no courage to talk directly, he opted for text message.

Leaving me doesn’t stop me from loving you.

“Yah Shindong, not too high! You’ll drop your phone!” Yunho raised his voice, high from excitement.

They were finally here in New York, actualizing their dreams as global artists. He has dreamt of performing in Madison Square Garden all his life, seeing world stars spread their wings and earning global recognition.

“Yunho hyung, smile!” Shindong commanded as he snapped a picture of the two of them on top of a high-rise building.

The cheerful atmosphere was interrupted by the vibration of his phone. He fished it out from his pocket before reading the sender’s message.

He stared at his vibrating phone, numb at loss of what to do and not having the courage to pick up.

What if he called him to get lost and stop contacting him?

He couldn’t possibly handle another rejection. He had been hurt enough last night.

But then again, Yunho could’ve simply ignored him. That fact alone gave him courage.


“I’m sorry.” he whispered. “Yunho-ah, I’ll do anything. I can’t be without you. Please.” Tears unconsciously formed in his eyes. Never once he would’ve thought to beg this way.

“What’s going on?” Yunho’s voice laced with concern.

“Don’t leave me.”

He heard familiar noises from the background, as well as English natives passing by.

“I’m sorry Jae, I had to.”

Jae shook his head, trying to blink the tears away.

“Besides you’re heading to Europe soon sweetie! We’ll see each other again once we’re both back so don’t be too upset okay?”

There was playfulness and endearment to his tone, a far contrast from the coldness last night.

He blinked in confusion, brain still trying to comprehend Yunho’s words.  It was then realization hit him with pure relief.

It was only a nightmare.

“Okay.” He breathed, filling his lungs with much needed oxygen. “I’ll see you soon Yunho-ah.”

“Love you Joongie.”

A smile blossomed on his lips. Fully reassured, he went back to sleep with a peace of mind.

a/n hi guys, long time no see! this was randomly inspired by my own nightmares T_T
do lemme know your opinion on this *gives cookies* also, feel free to add my twitter @kimbisi ^_^
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